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Internet in South Australia


15/11/00 Cable service boots high-use customers

9/10/00 Freenet to cease operations

5/10/00 OzEmail aims for unlimited market with new OzeShout plan

22/9/00 Triumphant Austar wipes up Eisa for $13 million

14/8/00 New breed
of modems will better compete with cable, DSL

12/8/00 Free-for-all internet

10/8/00 Hi-tech network rival for Telstra

10/8/00 We'll be no.1: FreeOnline

10/8/00 Netscape changes download software

09/8/00 Be careful what you reveal about yourself on the net

09/8/00 High noon on the net

07/8/00 Telstra announces ADSL prices

07/8/00 Telstra updates ADSL and conditions

07/8/00 Internet grocery shopping becoming more popular

04/8/00 ACCC about to rule on pricing for high-speed Internet lines

03/8/00 Ozemail takes down for sale sign

03/8/00 Microsoft issues patch for Windows 2000 vulnerability

02/8/00 Microsoft launches worldwide internet fraud campaign

02/8/00 One.Tel costs catch up  

28/7/00 Web music pirate ordered to close

27/7/00 Access 1 signs broadband agreement with Telstra's Big Pond

25/7/00 Telstra plans $65 flat fee for ADSL

20/7/00 Excite Chello merger shaking broadband world


The Australian ISP List - This is one of the best sites I have found for searching for an internet provider. They have a search box on their main page. You can enter your phone number, and the results page lists those ISP's that are a local call for you. I would still recommend double checking with your phone company before you actually sign up, just to be on the safe side. Telstra - 12552   Optus - 1300 300 937   AAPT - 1300 651 414

ISP Watch - Keep up with the latest ISP news

Get Virus Help Info and downloads for the latest virus cleaners

Local Access in Birdwood, Mt Pleasant & Gawler

AAPT Smartchat Ph: 13 88 88 
POP in Gawler. $35 for unlimited time, but only 300MB download. 

Chariot Ph: 8291 8800
POPs available to areas as far as Barossa, Two Wells, Strathalbyn but subscribers are charged $5 per month for rural access. Plans & Prices

Dove (Now trading as Asia Online) Ph: 13 61 01
Plans & Prices  

FutureWeb Ph 1300 361355 Office Hours
National - POPs Adelaide, Gawler, Mt Gambier, Murray Bridge, Port Augusta
Plans - No unlimited hour + download account

IHug Ph 13 62 92 - For Gawler access you must sign up with IWeb first, and then transfer to IHug. IHug will be available for Gawler sign up early to mid October

Internode Ph 08 8223 2999
Very expensive for the heavy user. Plans 
Lots of POPs including Gawler with Barossa Valley coming soon.

iPrimus - POP in Gawler - Service has low priced plans but not recommended for heavy users because of download limits.

Optusnet Ph: 1300 301 325 (24hr/7days)
National ISP with rural POPs in SA including Gawler Prices - Business Plans - POPs

Ozemail Ph 132 884 (24hr/7days)
Adelaide + 18 other locations in SA including Tanunda

Picknowl Ph: 08 8228 8688
Local ISP with POPs in Adelaide and Gawler. Plans are a bit pricey but offer casual access at $1 per hour with no joining fees. Suitable for the lite user. Plans and prices

SE Net Ph: 08 8221 5221
POPs in Adelaide, Mt Barker & Salisbury - One of the leading ISPs in SA but also more expensive. Plans & Prices

Telstra Big Pond Ph: 1800 266 000
POPs  - Plans & Prices

Access in Adelaide & Other Areas of Sth Australia

AOL Ph: 1800 265 265

Arcomnet Sales Ph: 08 8212 6900   Support Ph: 08 8212 6001
Local ISP with just the one Adelaide POP. One of the more expensive providers. Plans & Prices

Austarnet - Ph: 132 532 - Not available in Adelaide. 
Murray Bridge, Port Lincoln, Whyalla operational with more coming soon. 
POPs & Access Numbers
  Prices & Plans 

Dialix Ph (02) 9948 6666 Support Ph 1902 29 3009 = $2.20 per min 
National ISP Plans $44 for 220 hours. POPs Adelaide POP only

Dingoblue New customers Ph: 1300 300 321 Existing Ph: 1300 551 455
National ISP with only one Adelaide POP - Prices - POPs
Dingoblue offer unlimited internet access with no session limits at a low rate ($27.50) if you switch over to them for international calls. In addition they also offer $40 off your internet or phone bill for referring others to their service, as well as giving the person that you referred $40 off their account. To get your bonus you must quote a referral number when you sign up. If you want to save $40 you are welcome to use mine - 100419983

Free ISP - Many POPs available in Eastern states. Currently only two POPs available in South Australia - Adelaide and Ceduna. POPs

Free Online  
Free ISP -  Currently only one Adelaide POP

iPrimus - New infinity account with no download limits and unlimited hours with 4 hour sessions for $24.95 a month on three monthly plan. Only available in capital cities.

Kern Ph: 83623784
A bit expensive in comparison to other ISPs. Web site is Java rich and only suitable for Internet Explorer, also difficult to navigate to areas of the site.

Maxi Internet Services Based in NSW Ph 02 9572 6411
Access  (only 1 POP in SA - Adelaide) Plans/Prices

Merlin Internet Serices   
Business hours only - Accounts 0500 555 256 Tech support 0500 555 257
Plans Offers $44 premium account. (only 1 POP in SA - Adelaide)

Micronet Ph 8272 0455

NetYP Ph 08 8837 4165
Yorke Peninsula ISP covering Ardrossan, Mailand, Port Victoria, Port Vincent & Stansbury Plans

Netspace Subscribe at Ph 1300 360 025
Plans  Dial in numbers  (only 1 POP in SA - Adelaide)

Orange - Extremely expensive plans.

Planet Internet Ph 1300 364 345 
(only 1 POP in SA - Adelaide) Plans 

TPG Ph: 1300 360 855
National ISP with POPs in Adelaide and Ceduna. Pay TV & unlimited hours internet access, but only 300MB download. Not recommended for heavy users Prices - POPs

Triple I General Ph 08 8391 6100 Technical Ph 08 8391 6200
Access Plans  Settings / dial in numbers
Local call dial-up access service for people living in the Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Penninsula and metropolitan Adelaide.

TX Communications Ph: 08 8272 8885
Local ISP with POP available Adelaide only. One of the smaller ISPs around. Advertises regularly in the Sunday Mail and has been around for a long time. Offers unlimited access for $30 inc GST with minimum 2 hour session limits or casual access.

VISP Ph 8224 0300

Vodafone now offers internet acces. POPs are available Australia-wide and in rural areas of SA but currently only one in Adelaide with nothing in the outer Adelaide region. Prices

Web-A-You Ph 1800 455 666
Access number 08 8291 5900 dials into Wayville exchange. 
Prices  POPs/Config details

Broadband: ADSL, Cable, Satellite

One Tel DSL - As at 23/8/00 only available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth

iPrimus Jetstream ADSL

Netspace ADSL coming soon! Register your interest

Telstra: Free call 1800 060 391 ADSL - Cable - Satellite

Optus@Home Cable 

Access1 Satellite

iHug - Ultra Satellite & ADSL Plans 

Austar's Chello


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