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Rd 1 Port v W-West Torrens at Alberton Oval

2.20pm Saturday 23rd March 2002

League Team  Reserves Team  League Scores  Reserves Scores  Lynton's Match Report

League Team

F: Lokan, Harwood, Poole
HF: Poulton, O'Connor, Warrior
C: Wilson, Brown, Carr
HB: Fiegert, Lockwood, Clayton
B: G Johncock, AhChee, S Burgoyne
1R: Ackland, Ellen, Lyle
Int: Ashley, Bamford, Kluver
New: Lokan (juniors), Kluver (Brisbane Lions Cubs), 
Ellen (South) 

Reserves Team
Robertson, Wade, Eichner, D Maynard, A Maynard, J Johncock, M Smith, Ebert, Finnin, Green, Illett, Seal, Holmes, Peuckur, Christofus, Crook, Lohde, Tessman, Paech, Burdett, Sinkunas
League Scores 
Team 1st Q 2nd Q 3rd Q 4th Q
Port 3.5 (23) 8.7 (55) 9.10 (64) 10.12 (72)
Eagles 2.3 (15) 2.6 (18) 3.8 (26) 6.9 (45)
Best: Lyle, O'Connor, Warrior, Fiegert, Poulton, Lockwood, Brown, Ellen, Wilson
Goals: Warrior 3.1; Lokan 2.0; O'Connor 1.1; Harwood, Poole, Poulton, Ackland 1; G Johncock 0.3; Ellen, Wilson, Fiegert, Bamford, Ashley 0.1
Reserves Scores
Port 11.7 (73) d Eagles 9.10 (64)
Best: Holmes, Finnin, Ebert, Crook, Peucker, Tessman, Eichner
Goals: Christofis, Holmes 2; J Johncock, Seal, Tessman, Burdett, Wade, Finnin, Sinkunas 1

Rd 1 Under 19    Rd 1 Under 17

Lynton's Match Report
Its amazing to think the Footy world can still go on without Carey!!! I for one am sick of it. Anyway, on to more important matters - The Maggies met a grand finalist and a premiership team at Alberton (the Eagles ressies were of course the premiers) and in spite of the doom and gloom in the press and not "measuring up" against the glamour of Norwood, Sturt, Glenelg etc. (Norwood and Glenelg both got belted by the way)

Both Ressies and Seniors played some good footy. The Ressies came from 14 points down at the last to win by 9 (they didn't score in the 3rd). Wadey - what a real battler - worked hard to get the side up and there were good signs from a few e.g Holmes, Tessa, Brett Ebert etc. 

The seniors lined up without a few - Waite, Carter, McGuinness, Steed, Sam P come to mind - but jumped the Eagles right from the start and should have been much more than 8 points in front at the first. Most pleasing to me was the much improved effort by the forwards to keep the ball in the area. The 2nd was even better kicking 5.2 to 3 points but then for the last 2 we managed 2.5 only and fiddled around with short passes across ground etc. etc. 

Anyway a win is a win and there is room for improvement. Loved Brades and Poults games (if only Poults would put the ball to advantage more often). Still 23 kicks and 10 marks says something as does Brades 19 and 7. Rhino provided the usual and Fiegs, Tommy Carr and Browny were others to do well. Locky did alright and will be of real value if he stays fit and I'm sure we got the best of the Ormond-Allen/Ellen swap as his steadiness under pressure will be invaluable. Euge had a great game particularly in the first half, not only kicking goals (3), but his tackling and chasing were 1st class and set the standard for many around him. P.S. The Eagles did not seem to like this sort of attention. The one 'real new' recruit, Hayden Kluver, showed enough to suggest he will be a very good player - very smooth and balanced.

Regards Lynton

Fri 9th August
Sturt d Port
Sat 10th August
Rd 19 AFL 
Port d Carlton

Sat 17th August
2.20pm Central v Port at Elizabeth

Sun 18th August
Rd 20 AFL 
2.10pm SA Time 
Port v Adelaide at Football Pk

AFL Ladder

Tm Pld % Pt
Bris 19 136.1 60
Port 19 133.7 60
Ade 19 113.9 52
Coll 19 116.9 48
Geel 19 101.3 44
Melb 19 101.9 40
WC 19 101.2 40
Kang 19 97.7 40
Haw 19


Ess 19 97.7 38
WB 19 103.2 34
Fre 19 87.4 32
Syd 19 101.8 26
Rich 19 82.8 24
St K 19 77.2 22
Carl 19 72.7


Full Ladder

Win/Loss Record

Sun 18th August
10.00am - Port Adelaide Supporters Club - Showdown Picnic Brunch Details.
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