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Rd 7 Port v South at Alberton

2.20pm Saturday 11th May 2002

League Team  Reserves Team  League Scores  Reserves Scores  Lynton's Match Report

Port Magpie Rd 7 Injury List
Tom Carr (shoulder) available
Shane Ellen (hamstring) 3 weeks
Tony Bamford - assessment
Alf Steed (knee) 8 weeks
Antony Sheehan (oesteo pubis) 2 weeks
Darryl Poole (knee) season
Nathan McDowall (foot) 2 weeks
Julian Wait (neck) 3 weeks
Nigel Fiegert (suspended) 1 week
League Team
F: Barrett, Lokan, Tessman
HF: Phillipou, Wade, Clayton
C: C Ilett, Brown, Wilson
HB: Burgoyne, Lockwood, Carter
B: Carr, Ah Chee, Green
R: Coudraye, Lyle, Warrior
Int: J Ilett, B Ebert, Crook
In: Barrett, Carr, J Ilett, B Ebert, Crook
Out: McGuinness, Harwood, Holmes, Fiegert, Ashley
Reserves Team
From: Davey, Burdett, Holmes, Kluver, Lohde, Perry, Puccini, J Johncock, Harwood, Finnin, Ashley, Leys, Puecker, M Smith, Angove, McGuinness, Biacsi, Sinkunas, Eichner, Seal, Maynard
League Scores 
Team 1st Q 2nd Q 3rd Q 4th Q
Port 1.3 (9) 3.4 (22) 6.6 (42) 8.11 (59)
South 4.1 (25) 9.3 (57) 9.7 (61) 11.8 (74)
Best: Brown, S Burgoyne, Barrett, Carter, Lyle
Goals: Lokan 4.1; Warrior 2.1; Barrett, Brown 1.0; Philipou, Ebert, AhChee 0.2; Clayton, Tessman, S Burgoyne 0.1
Reserves Scores
Port 21.11 (137) d South 9.9 (63)
Best: Burdett, M Smith, Lohde, McGuinness, Kluver, Davey, Puecker
Goals: Davey 4; M Smith 3; McGuinness, Harwood, Holmes, Finnin, Burdett 2; Perry, Puccini, Eichner, Biacsi 1
Lynton's Match Report
Today had to be the absolute "pits" - to be beaten by Glenelg and to follow up with a loss at home against South is deplorable. I couldn't complain about changes from last weeks side as all the ones I was looking for happened.

So what then? - The simple fact is that this current side is in my opinion the worst in 20 years. I have never known a Port side with so many who are either not up to the standard or not prepared to do the hard things.

As with the game last week we could have won without ever looking capable of it. Two inexperienced kids in ruck should have reminded a few of just how good they have had it with Rhino - and caused them to increase their work rate accordingly. Didn't happen!!!!!!. 

I couldn't stay for the presentations but feel sure it would be the same as last week - i.e no awards. I don't want to give best players but I liked a lot about Brett Eberts game. Matty Lokan kicked 4 and Tommy Carr gave us a bit of grunt when he went into the midfield in the second half. 

Steven certainly tried many moves and at one stage it looked a bit like the old "forwards go back etc." I think we are at a real low point and the good news is that it can only be up from here - particularly as players return (try fitting Rhino, Ackers, Waite, Bamford, Ellen and McDowell into your side for starters) but it won't just happen without a real change in attitude!!!

Enough of this - what about the Ressies again!! 70 odd point winners and playing like a real cohesive unit IN SPITE of the number of changes to the side every week. It surely is no coincidence that Leysey is out there with THAT voice and directing traffic. Sort of reminds you of how it used to be with the seniors with the Ginevers, Steeds etc. 

Anyway it is crunch time now - no more excuses! We are either a top 4 side or a bottom 4 side. You the players must decide. 

Until next week against West.........regards Lynton. 

Fri 9th August
Sturt d Port
Sat 10th August
Rd 19 AFL 
Port d Carlton

Sat 17th August
2.20pm Central v Port at Elizabeth

Sun 18th August
Rd 20 AFL 
2.10pm SA Time 
Port v Adelaide at Football Pk

AFL Ladder

Tm Pld % Pt
Bris 19 136.1 60
Port 19 133.7 60
Ade 19 113.9 52
Coll 19 116.9 48
Geel 19 101.3 44
Melb 19 101.9 40
WC 19 101.2 40
Kang 19 97.7 40
Haw 19


Ess 19 97.7 38
WB 19 103.2 34
Fre 19 87.4 32
Syd 19 101.8 26
Rich 19 82.8 24
St K 19 77.2 22
Carl 19 72.7


Full Ladder

Win/Loss Record

Sun 18th August
10.00am - Port Adelaide Supporters Club - Showdown Picnic Brunch Details.
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