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Rd 14 South v Port at Noarlunga Oval

2.20pm Saturday 6th July 2002

League Team  Reserves Team  League Scores  Reserves Scores  Lynton's Match Report


Port Magpie Injury Update
Injuries from Rd 13
Brian Leys (fractured cheek) 4 - 6 weeks
Brayden Lyle (strain behind the knee) test
Brett Ebert (concussion) available
Julian Wait (shoulder) test
James Wilson (jarred knee) test
Shane Ellen (strained hamstring) 2 weeks
Tony Bamford (groin) ?
Other Injuries
Antony Sheehan (oesteo pubis) indefinite
Darryl Poole (knee) season
David Green (strained stomach muscle) test
Eugene Warrior (hamstring) available
Sam Phillipou (calf) test
Mark Harwood (back) test

Alf Steed was given a three match suspension at the SANFL tribunal last night. Steed, in his first game back from a long term knee injury, was reported and found guilty of head-butting Central District player Danny Stevens on Friday night. 

Phil McGuinness and Julian Wait were also found guilty of striking. McGuinness pleaded not guilty and was given a reprimand, while Wait was handed a one match ban for striking Rick MacGowan, who also copped a week for striking Wait.

The loss of Steed and McGuinness comes at a bad time, when the Magpies have been hit with an increased injury list and are struggling for a win.

Magpie Media
Unfortunately this week there will be no coverage of the Port Magpie game on radio or television but Radio 5RPH 1197AM will do live crosses during their coverage of the Glenelg v North match.

League Team
F: Beinke, Fiegert, A Davey
HF: Clayton, O'Connor, Burdett
C: Al Davey, Ashley, Ebert
HB: Carter, Mead, Seal 
B: Carr, AhChee, M Smith
R: Ackland, J Ilett, Brown
Int: Warrior, Peucker, McGuinness
In: Burdett, Alwyn Davey, Ashley, Seal, M Smith, Warrior, Peucker
Out: Steed (susp), Wait (susp), Lyle (ankle), Leys (cheekbone), Bamford (groin), Wilson, Barrett
Reserves Team
From: Kafkoudas, C Ilett, Holmes, Lohde, Perry, Lokan, Finnin, Parker, Lockwood, Kluver, Andrews, Angove, Barrett, Munn, Sinkunas, J Wilson, Robertson, Scrymgour, Biacsi, J Warrior, Jenner
League Scores 
Team 1st Q 2nd Q 3rd Q 4th Q
Port 3.3 (21) 5.5 (35) 8.9 (57) 12.14 (86)
South 0.4 (4) 0.9 (9) 0.11 (11) 2.15 (27)
Best: Ashley, Brown, Carter, J Ilett,  Mead, AhChee, Carr, O'Connor
Goals: Clayton 3.1; Beinke 2.2; Fiegert 2.1; Aaron Davey 1.2; E Warrior 1.1; Alwyn Davey; Ashley, Brown 1.0; J Ilett, Burdett, O'Connor 0.1; rushed 0.4
Reserves Scores
Port 11.13 (79) d South 6.8 (44)
Best: Lohde, Kluver, Andrews, Scrymgour, Angove, Wilson, Perry, Lockwood, Sinkunas
Goals: Angove, Lokan 3; Biacsi, Finnin, Kafkoudas, J Warrior, Sinkunas 1
Lynton's Match Report
Yes we made the trip to Noarlunga along with a few other "dedicated" supporters and we seemed to out number the locals. Apart from one shower the rain held off but as usual the wind blew and if there is a colder ground then I haven't been there yet!! 

The game itself wasn't pretty but I think the win had a lot of good signs for the rest of the year - but first the Ressies as usual. The big comp of the day was "name the player" as the team was nothing like the Budget and seemed to have a lot of "schoolboys" in it and I was left wondering about how many games some would play this weekend. (i.e. the u17 & u19) Word has it that we were missing 19 senior players this week!! 

But anyway the Ressies chalked up another good win by 35 points due to sheer hard work and effort from the WHOLE side. Of interest was seeing Brent Guerra running around for SOUTH and I question the real value of this ridiculous policy - even more so since I believe he was reported. It was also great to see Locky take some strong marks and provide rebound particularly in the last. 

On to the main game - untidy, mistake riddled, frustrating etc. etc. but NEVER boring sums up a game where South went goalless for 3 quarters and many of our players turned a significant corner in that this depleted side worked its guts out for 2 and a bit quarters and then finally started to try things, back each other up and RUN. 

To beat South at Noarlunga ANYTIME is an achievement but with the depleted side and current form of our guys to win by 10 goals is special. As usual I call the best as I see them and not in any real order; Ackers stood out for me against Broges as for once Rhino didn't carry the load. Well done from one who has been "off" you lately.

Others to do well {errors and all} were Matty Ash, Carts, Corey, Browny. You could almost say "all played well" but "all put in" would be more accurate. Of the Power players running around for South I thought Jaxon Crabb showed the most although Broges tapped well and Jackman had little opportunity. Murray was useful. 

Well bring on the Tiggers as for once I am feeling very optimistic!!

Until next week
Fri 9th August
Sturt d Port
Sat 10th August
Rd 19 AFL 
Port d Carlton

Sat 17th August
2.20pm Central v Port at Elizabeth

Sun 18th August
Rd 20 AFL 
2.10pm SA Time 
Port v Adelaide at Football Pk

AFL Ladder

Tm Pld % Pt
Bris 19 136.1 60
Port 19 133.7 60
Ade 19 113.9 52
Coll 19 116.9 48
Geel 19 101.3 44
Melb 19 101.9 40
WC 19 101.2 40
Kang 19 97.7 40
Haw 19


Ess 19 97.7 38
WB 19 103.2 34
Fre 19 87.4 32
Syd 19 101.8 26
Rich 19 82.8 24
St K 19 77.2 22
Carl 19 72.7


Full Ladder

Win/Loss Record

Sun 18th August
10.00am - Port Adelaide Supporters Club - Showdown Picnic Brunch Details.
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