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Rd 16 Norwood v Port Norwood Oval

7.40pm Friday 19th July 2002

League Team  Reserves Team  League Scores  Reserves Scores  Lynton's Match Report


Port Magpie Injury Update
Tony Brown (broken leg) ?
Brian Leys (fractured cheek) 2 to 4 weeks
Brayden Lyle (strain behind the knee) test
Shane Ellen (strained hamstring) 1 week
Antony Sheehan (oesteo pubis) indefinite
Darryl Poole (knee) season
David Green (strained stomach muscle) test
Sam Phillipou (calf) test
Mark Harwood (back) test

Magpie Media
There will be no television coverage of the Norwood v Port Magpies match but Radio 5AA (1395AM) will broadcast the game live.

League Team
F: Warrior, Lockwood, Aaron Davey
HF: Fiegert, O'Connor, Burdett
C: Carter, Ashley, Alwyn Davey
HB: Smith, Mead, Ebert
B: Carr, AhChee, Seal
R: Ackland, J Ilet, Bamford
Int: Clayton, Peucker, Lohde
In: Lockwood, Lohde
Out: Brown (broken leg), Beinke (Crows)
Reserves Team
From: Biacsi, Parker, Kafkoudas, Jenner, Perry, Andrews, Angove, McGuinness, Fiora, Christofis, J Burgoyne, Coudraye, Maynard, J Wilson, Robertson, Scrymgour, Lokan, Zucker, C Ilett, Kluver, Green
League Scores 
Team 1st Q 2nd Q 3rd Q 4th Q
Port 1.2   3.5   5.7   7.8 (50)
Norwood 5.5   12.8   16.11   25.17 (167)
Best: Warrior, Ackland, Ebert, Smith, Ashley, O'Connor
Goals: Warrior 3.2; Lockwood 2.0; Clayton 1.3; Bamford 1.0; Peucker, Smith, Burdett 0.1
Reserves Scores
Port 12.13 (85) d Norwood 12.11 (83)
Best: Kluver, McGuinness, Perry, Wilson, Robertson, C. Ilett, Angove
Goals: McGuinness, Kafkoudas 2; Lokan, Zucker, 
C Ilett, Wilson, Andrews, Angove, Christofis,
Scrymgour 1
Lynton's Match Report
Lynton made the trek to Optus Oval this week this week so he managed to miss the debacle at Norwood Oval, but he did give us a brief report of his day at Optus.

Well we made the long bus trip to Melbourne this week and as a result missed the Maggies game although I heard the score before leaving and couldn't believe it. Little did I know that it wasn't going to get much better as we entered that hotchpotch of a stadium at Optus in what was very threatening weather (oh where was Colonial when we needed it??).

The threat turned into an icy, raining blast before the game got under way; just for once we were smart enough to be undercover and the seat selection wasn't limited by a large crowd!! 

The game started and we didn't and it didn't get much better for the first half - yet we were still well and truly in the game and then with a great effort for the first 20 mins of the third we clawed our way back only to stop to a walk for the last 10 and see the Roos kick 3 late goals, but we were still only 5 points down at the last. 

All of us waited for that first goal to put us in front and to kick start us - it never happened!!! For the whole quarter we waited for the spark to ignite us but it only got worse and I still can't believe that a side that prides itself on being top could finish a game so completely flat!! 

Who were the better players?? Anyone who wasn't missing on the day but for me Primus and Jamesy stood out for effort along with Monty, Hards (gee! I hope HIS injury and Gavs is only minor) and Nicky Stevens. 

I caught up with Ian Jackman at the after match (some may remember him from his stint with the Maggies after crossing from Souths and prior to going to West Torrens). He conducted a bit of a quiz for prizes in conjunction with Ten week night newsreader, Kelly Nestor who is an obvious Matty Primus fan! 

While on this subject - I and many others were extremely disappointed by the non attendance of ANY players OR officials at this function. For those of us who traveled over AND the local group this just was not good enough!!. A couple of other items of concern to me were -

(1) the impression gained through the media during the week that we expected to lose and had the excuses ready (travel, tired etc, etc) let's leave that to the Tingles eh!!! 
(2) The absolute absence of so many players in this game - I don't have to name names, just have a look at the stats !! 
( 3) don't go to AAMI next week expecting an easy game - any repeat of this week will bring the same or worse!! 

Well on to NEXT week
regards Lynton


Fri 9th August
Sturt d Port
Sat 10th August
Rd 19 AFL 
Port d Carlton

Sat 17th August
2.20pm Central v Port at Elizabeth

Sun 18th August
Rd 20 AFL 
2.10pm SA Time 
Port v Adelaide at Football Pk

AFL Ladder

Tm Pld % Pt
Bris 19 136.1 60
Port 19 133.7 60
Ade 19 113.9 52
Coll 19 116.9 48
Geel 19 101.3 44
Melb 19 101.9 40
WC 19 101.2 40
Kang 19 97.7 40
Haw 19


Ess 19 97.7 38
WB 19 103.2 34
Fre 19 87.4 32
Syd 19 101.8 26
Rich 19 82.8 24
St K 19 77.2 22
Carl 19 72.7


Full Ladder

Win/Loss Record

Sun 18th August
10.00am - Port Adelaide Supporters Club - Showdown Picnic Brunch Details.
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