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The Power From > News > 2002 > Reviews > Rd 17 Port v Melbourne

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Macca's Power Review - Rd 17 Port v Melbourne at Football Park

Well a win is a win. It is good to win after losing 6 or 7 of our top 12-13 players before and during the game. It was disappointing to see us let go of the lead though, despite the injuries. We will definitely need to bounce back next week with a big win against the Saints. Will be interesting to see who comes into the side.

I thought the coaching last night was a bit poor. Williams seemed reluctant to make any moves to try and stop Melbourne's surges forward in the last half. Neitz was constantly 10-15 metres in front of Wakelin the entire night yet failed to try something else. Tonight also showed how important Primus is to Port. As soon as he was taken out of the ruck, Melbourne started to hit back hard, especially in the second quarter.

Player Reviews:

Scott Bassett - had an alright first half, but he looked lost in the last quarter when Melbourne kept attacking. Playing as the loose man, he didn't quite know where to stand or where to run which cost us a goal or two.

Matty Bishop - Seems to be struggling in recent weeks, and again last night he struggled a little bit.

Peter Burgoyne - a top game by Peter. Kicked some nice goals and worked well again in tandem with his brother.

Shaun Burgoyne - a great game by a great young talent. Worked well off the ball, took some nice marks and kicked 3 goals. Fast becoming an important player to our forward line. Had a brief run in the midfield.

Josh Carr - Struggled. Didn't have an overly good game.

Che Cockatoo-Collins - I thought he was playing well before he went off with his shoulder/arm injury.

Kane Cornes - got some game time in the last half and seemed a bit unsure of what to do. Loses his confidence at this level and seems to stop and go sideways too often. Should get a game next week.

Chad Cornes - Another good game. Someone finally told him to be consistent. Has had a fantastic last 4-6 weeks, and played well again last night. Took some strong marks and kicked some goals. One of our best players.

Stewy Dew - Although he wasn't in his usual forward role I thought he played well...especially in the first half.

Josh Francou - came back from a disappointing last week to be one of our best players last night. Again created space for teammates and did well. His kicking however was shocking.

Barny French - When he came on in the ruck in the second quarter Melbourne kicked 4 or 5 straight goals. Didn't get a lot of gametime, but I thought Jolly beat him in the ruck.

Brent Guerra - kicked a great fluky soccer style goal and did ok, but isn't playing as well as we know he can. His tackling was superb again.

Roger James - one of our best. Was great all night and our most influential midfielder. Really stood up in the absence of Schofield.

Adam Kinglsey - didn't really notice him before he went off injured.

Brendon Lade - sadly has no form at all. Needs to go back to South and find some.

Brett Montgomery - Worked hard in the last half and played a solid match. If we lose him then we will be in big trouble. Great running goal too which got the crowd really revved up.

Jared Poulton - Played well. Threw himself around a lot and used the ball well.

Matty Primus - An absolute machine last night. His first half especially was awesome. Gave White a bath before Jolly came on and pretty much broke even with him.

Nick Stevens - went unnoticed for the majority of the night.

Michael Stevens - hardly got a run.

Warren Tredrea - Blew the game open with an awesome first half. His first quarter especially was one of his best quarters he has played. If only he could kick!

Darryl Wakelin - less said the better. Was always 10-15 meters behind Neitz, simply did not have the pace to go with him which nearly cost us the game in the last quarter.


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