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Anzwers - Search site for Australia and New Zealand
Aussie.com - Online business directory
Australian ISP List - Lists your local access ISPs
Australian WWW Servers
Australians Abroad
Beyond The Black Stump
Boomerang Australia
Cowley Internet - Online business directory
Directory Net - Online business directory
Email-It Australia - Email address search
Excite Australia
Go Eureka - Formerly AltaVista Australia
Guide To Australia
Info Australia
Looksmart Australia 
Microsoft Network Australia
MoneyWeb - financial search directory
NewsTrawler - News, magazine, and journal articles
North East Victoria
Northern Territory Net Directory
Open Directory Project Australia
Orientation Oceana
Perth Navigator - Perth based sites
Place Names Search - Type in an Australian place name and this site will pin-point it on a map.
Real Australia Online
Search Engine Australia
Search South Australia
Sofcom Email Search
South Australia Seek
Southern Cross Email Search
Sun Geek Queensland
Tasmania Online
Universal Currency Converter
Victoria Find
Victoria Net
Wazoo Western Australia
Webfind 1
Webfind 2
Webhunter Newcastle & Australia
Websearch - Australia & New Zealand
Where Is - Australian Street Atlas
Yahoo - Australian version of Yahoo.

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