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Newsgroup: aus.comms.mobile

Major suppliers
Optus - Phones - Plans
Telstra - Mobileshop
Virgin Mobile
Dingoblue New customers Ph: 1300 300 321 Existing Ph: 1300 551 455

Other Sales
Com Store SA
Future Talk
Mobile Stop
Mobile Innovations Ph: 1300 305 305
Pocket Phone

Electromagnetic Radiation Alliance of Australia
Info on mobile phones / towers, household appliances, computers and power lines
Also see - Mobile phones: Is there a health hazard?

iMobile - On-line mobile phone magazine

Phone Choice Find suitable plans 
Mobile Check offers analysis of mobile phone bills

New! Free SMS Australian - Supports Optus, Telstra & Vodafone with others to come, only 100 characters to allow for advertising, 20 messages a day limit, possible once a month SMS advertisement sent to your phone. FAQ

Blue Sky Frog - Send SMS messages from your mobile phone to email. Carrier costs apply. Free credits when you sign up for sending from web to mobile but after that you have to buy them. Works with Optus.

Golden Telecom
Works with Vodafone

You get 10 free credits when you register but after that you will have to pay for it. Works with Telstra and Vodafone.

Works with Optus and Vodafone

Stupid Messages - Very similar to Blue Sky Frog. Were free in testing stages but now charge per message or you can earn points by referring friends or completing surveys.


Mobile Alert - Send SMS messages from internet to mobile phone. Works with Vodafone, Optus and Telstra
(currently offline while undergoing changes) 

Mobemail - Free paging and messaging via SMS

Yahoo! Mobile Alerts - Get the latest news, weather, sport results sent to your phone. Requires you to register for a Yahoo email account. Tried it with Optus and works fine. Currently sending out Olympic results.

Nine MSn Mobileweb

Wapmebaby - Shows you how to configure your mobile phone to access WAP pages, how to access various services and even how to create your own WAP home page where you can include information links such as stock prices, weather information and banking links.

Aus WAP - Providing users with a method of accessing information, particularly the Internet, through their mobile phone.

WAP Shopping

Logo Palace

Ericsson - Ericsson (Australia)


Nokia - Nokia (Asia/Pacific) Nokia Net Monitor Information

Club Nokia Australia

Your Mobile - Free ring tones for your Nokia, Ericsson, or Siemens mobile phones.

Mobile Ringtones Online - Nokia


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