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Port Adelaide - user name @portadelaide.every1.net 

Port Power - user name @portpower.zzn.com

Kangaweb - user name @freemail.kangaweb.com

Yahoo - user name @yahoo.com.au - users can also have a customisable start page, calendar and more.

Excite - user name @excite.com.au - also features a customisable start page with choices of AFL scores, weather, news, calendar.

Mail & News - user name @mailandnews.com This account allows you to subscribe, read and reply to newsgroups from their email account. 

Net Address - user name @usa.net

Start - user name @start.com.au

M Box - user name @mbox.net.au With M Box you will also be allotted a phone number that people can use to send faxes and voice messages to you. 



Mail & News - Web-based or POP3 - user name @mailandnews.com

Net Taxi - Web-based or POP3 - user name @nettaxi.com

Soft Home - Web-based or POP3 - user name @softhome.net


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