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I use these two services myself. Why two? Both provide different types of information. Hitbox is fast to load if I'm in a hurry, but Hitbox has a lot more detail available.

Hit Logger - Quick and easy to use stats service that doesn't take a long time to load your results. Unlike some services your visitors can not access your stats. You only need to place one code on all of the pages that you want tracked. 

Hitbox - Another very popular stats service but unlike Hit Logger it takes a long time to load your stats and travel between pages.

AAddzz - counters and trackers
Better Counter
Beseen - Java applet     
Boing Dragon Counter - many styles including animated
Countmaster - Java script     
Cyber Stats
Direct Hit     
Dynamic Counter - Java counter for personal pages only
Extreme Tracking - stats are accessible to public
FreeAndFun counter     
Freestats - Displayed on large banner
Hitmeter - in a banner form. Includes stats     
Icount - simple and reliable
Internet Tool Zone - for non commercial sites. No ads
IPSTAT - stats are accessible to public
JCount - Java counter on a banner with ads
LBInet counter - requires a banner     
Link Exchange
Linko - Korean - has been known to be unreliable     
MNet Web
Navweb - fairly basic counter     
NedStat USA - non-commercial sites only
Netads - South African     
Pagecount - not recommended because of SPAM
Page Doctor - not recommended. Lots of access problems
Pandawa - only available for Indonesian sites
PR Tracker - in a banner form with ads     
Pro Stats
Rapid Axcess - small banner with add for their service
Showstat - reliable and fast     
Site Meter
Site Stats - requires a large banner     
Site Tracker - I had trouble accessing this site     
SuperStats - requires a banner
Telecom.at web - German - English version HERE
TheCounter.com - counter and stats, password protection
Ultimate Counter - many styles to choose from     
Underground Network
Web Right Services - reportedly very slow     
WebTracker - free for up to 500 hits per day. Very popular
123Counter (for Indian sites only)


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