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IpFox.com ipFox.com - URL Redirection - http://yoursite.ipfox.com redirects to your homepage. No ads or pop ups.
My Postcards Free postcard service for your site
Votations.com Free professional polls and surveys for your site
Domtools Check your domain information
Siteowner.com Free tools
Bravenet Web services - heaps of add-ons for your site
Server.com Web services e.g. guestbooks, message boards - appear to be quick loading after checking out demos.
AceHTML Highly rated freeware HTML editor
Sitecrafters Support
Intel Applets Web applets
HTML Clinic HTML Clinic features step-by-step, easy to understand HTML tutorials, with lots of examples you can follow and learn from.
CGI For Me A service designed to help you improve your website by providing interactive elements for your site.
McWebber.net Web design help
Theupperdeck Web Publishing With Publisher '97 FAQ
How Do They How do they do that with HTML
Free Email Outblaze
Big Mailbox Com
Chat Rooms Multichat
Be Seen Chatrooms
Message Boards EZ Board
Customizable message board with a lot of options
Not really a message board but in the same category. You and anyone else that you nominate has access to post news. Visitors can reply to your news but can't post a news item themselves.
Mailing Lists Topica


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