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There are so many ĎGet Paid To Surfí programs coming out it is getting hard to keep up with them all. It would be impossible to sign up for them all, as most of them require you to surf with them to earn money from your referrals. You would have to be online 24 hours a day, and Iím not sure that all are reliable either. I have signed up for some, and am currently using a few that have become available here in Australia. While there are a lot of programs to sign up for, not many are actually working yet. I will give you my honest opinion of those I have tried on this page. If you sign up please donít try and build up your referrals by SPAMMING newsgroups or people that you donít know. If you get reported your account will be cancelled and you will lose any income you have earned.

Move About
From the About.com company. This is an excellent program for Australians. It's available now and you can use it as much as you like and you don't have to surf to be paid for your referrals. Move About will pay you in Australian currency (they can pay in most foreign currencies) so you won't have to pay fees to deposit the cheque in your account. You don't need to download a banner. Just log into your account from any computer to launch a window while you surf. The banner will move behind your open windows as you surf or work at your computer. The banner pops up to show you the new ads or for you to validate it by clicking a number. This has been implemented to stop cheating. They pay you 50% of their revenue which is calculated at the end of the month.

Available: Now
Hours Paid Per Month: No Limit
Pays: Varies but currently around 47 cents per hour
Minimum Pay Out: US$30 Check sent when requested
When Paid: Once a month
Referrals: Increase your earnings by referring others
A service posting fee of $4.50 for international addresses is deducted from the amount you have earned when you request a cheque. Because of bank fees involved for exchanging US currency for Australian currency (I paid $15 last time) it's better to wait until you have at least $100 Australian before requesting a cheque. 
ID 434100

Banner Programs for Webmasters

Fast Click
Minimum impressions 2,500 
Minimum Click-thru Rate: 0.25%

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