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25 meg of space, button ad. Your URL will look like http://members.Dencity.com/your username/
15 meg of space, FTP, pop up ad, CGI
Dreamwater Free Web Space
Offers 50MB of free web space, free guestbook, chat board, form email and web page builder. Plus fast server and ads but no pop-ups.
Earth Online
Offers 6 megs of server space and ftp access. For business or personal sites. Ads required on all pages.
25 meg of space, FTP, banner ad, CGI
Fortune City
20 meg of web space and free E-mail account. As you add pages an advertising banner is automatically added to the top of each page after a few days.
Fortune City UK
25 meg of space, FTP/browser, banner
Free Cool Pages
10 meg of space, unlimited bandwidth
Free Homepages
50 meg of space, browser upload, banner, no pop-ups
12 meg of space, domain name eg http://name.freeservers.com, unlimited E-mail addresses, free counter, guest book and FTP access. They put banners on your page automatically.
Free Sites Network
20 meg of storage space. No banner if you buy a domain from them.
Free space for personal or commercial use, providing the content is legal and rated for general audiences.
Free Websites
50 meg of space, FTP, banner
Free Yellow.com
50 meg of space. Can be unreliable to access at times.

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