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General Screen Savers

Absolutely Free Screen Savers
Feature some of the most popular free screensavers available. Categories include computers and cartoons.

Amazing Screen Savers
Hundreds of free screensavers available. Choose from animals, celebrities, sports.

They really are beautiful savers. There is also a range of wallpapers.

Daily Screen Saver
A new screen saver every day.

Over 600 tried and tested screen savers. Updated regularly.

Many to choose from. Also includes desktop themes.

A directory of freeware and shareware screen savers. Screen shots of each screen saver.

Free Screen Saver Network
Download screen savers from well known companies. 

Free Screen Saver Warehouse
Large screen savers archive with many categories. Updated regularly.

Screensaver Free
Over 1000 to choose from.

Screen Saver Gallery
100's to choose from.

Screen Saver Heaven
More than 2,500 screen savers, a top downloads of the month and a weekly screen saver spotlight featuring the latest screen savers. One of the best.

Screen Saver Mania
A huge assortment of freeware and shareware screensavers for Windows. Features a Screen Saver of the Month section.

Screen Savers A2Z
Lots to choose from. Categorised alphabetically and with descriptive details and file size.

Screen Savers Bonanza
These screen savers are arranged by operating system including a MAC category.

An extensive range sorted by special pick, new releases, most popular and a saver library. 

Lots of categories. Features a 'what's new' section.

Screens And Themes
Over 15,000 Desktop Themes, Screen Savers, Cursors, Icons and Wallpaper plus much more. 

The Screen Saver Factory
Create your own screen saver online.

The Screen Savers
I found this site a little slow to load so be patient. Features a quality screen shot of each screen saver.

Top 100 Screen Savers
Features a top download section.

Ultimate Savers
Large variety and updated often. 

a collection of Win95 screensavers and desktop themes.

Special Themes

Free Celebrity Screensavers
Features 300+
from models, movies, sport and music. 
Also try
Celebrity Screen Savers or Original Freeware Screen Savers which has mostly celebrity screen savers, but also features sports, animals etc. 

The official screensaver. Includes a MAC version.

Six Speed Screen Savers
If you can't own a Jag or Porsche download the screensaver instead. Several cars to choose from. 

Space Jam
Features your favourite Space Jam characters. Mac and Win95.

Tony's Sporting Screensavers
A range of screensavers featuring sporting teams from all over the world. Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball and NFL.

Three X-File screensavers. You can even customise one of them with your choice of pictures.


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